Adolescence marks a period of transition into adulthood, a period that often is difficult and confusing with many emotional, physical and psychological changes that lead to difficulty in thinking, focusing, extreme emotional highs and lows, role confusion and so on. Therefore, providing the right support system and guidance that best suit the unique circumstances […]

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World No Tobacco Day!!

  Every Year on 31st May, the world celebrates World Tobacco Day to raise awareness about the ill effects of tobacco and discourage the use of tobacco. To mark the occasion of the same,  Gopalan Mall, Bangalore approached The Mind Research Foundation to organize a No Tobacco Drive focusing on the negative impact of  tobacco […]

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Hamster on a Treadmill- Work-life(Im)balance

  Work life balance is an important factor for a healthy work environment. For an organization to grow as a whole it becomes imperative to place importance on the well-being and personal growth of employees. A healthy and positive work environment  directly contributes to employee well being preventing early burnout, absenteeism, stress, anxiety, mood swings, poor […]

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Impact Report 2018-19

    The Mind Research Foundation has emerged as a forerunner in using scientifically proven, advanced, evidence-based psychological interventions for a wide spectrum of mental health conditions. Along with achieving clinical excellence from “Illness to Wellness” the organization has created a huge impact towards spreading Mental Health Awareness through structured multi–level partnership approaches. Capitalizing on […]

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Session on Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting The duty of Parents to help their child make the transition from childhood to adulthood has become very important in today’s competitive world. With everyone constantly judging and grading the child’s behaviour, it has become a need for the parents to provide the necessary confidence and positive reinforcement to increase confidence, independence, self- […]

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Let’s talk about Mental Health- From Myth to Understanding: Chitkara University, Punjab

Let’s talk about Mental Health- From Myth to Understanding: Chitkara University, Punjab The Mind Research Foundation in collaboration with IIT Bombay, conducted a talk on “Mental health: From Myth to Understanding !” on 16th October, 2018. The basic aim behind the session was to make young adults aware of ‘Mental health’ and the importance of taking […]

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Shatter the Silence Series (3 days) Let’s talk about Mental Health: From Myth to Understanding !

    Let’s Talk about Mental Health: From Myth to Understanding ! Shatter the silence series, an initiative of the organisation in order to make people aware about Mental Health in general was conducted in three different locations in Chandigarh. We would like to thank UILS, Panjab University, Central State Library Chandigarh and Vivek High School for giving us the […]

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